Join us in raising the bar on WNY audio production

Stop everything, check out this trailer for an episode of LIFTED in Season 2:

Fear not. We’re back. Season 1 was a smash hit with over 1,650 listensĀ (new unique downloads are still occurring daily) and over 60,000 impressions for our advertisers. Season 2 launches this APRIL.

Listen to any episode, here:

Host and producer Holly Kirkpatrick has spent a few months training back in the UK, in Boston, and On Air Fest in Brooklyn with some of the industry’s best in order to bring you top rated story telling alongside top-rated audio.

The Best $500, $300, or $200 your business has ever spent

While you seek to diversify your advertising budget, consider the one platform where you’ll have an audience’s undivided attention.


A $500 single sponsorship includes a $75 promotional budget for Instagram and Facebook, as well as a tag in all posts (2 audio grams, 2 videos, 3 images on average) promoting the episode, and short and long mentions inside each episode, which lives on for eternity. The episode is all yours as a sponsor.

$300 will get your business an on-air read in the beginning of each episode, after the hook, and tags on social media.

$200 gets your business an on-air read at the end of each episode, attached to the closing bonus segment, and tags on social media.

Please reach out to for details before April 10, 2019 to reserve space for Season 2.