Join us in raising the bar on WNY audio production

Stop everything, check out this trailer for this season of LIFTED by Rise Collaborative:

Have you resorted to asking your friends on Facebook what podcast you should listen to because you just can’t find anything that actually has some substance?

Fear not. We’re back. What was once dubbed “EXTRA by No Boundaries” (Remember this ground-breaking, NPR-quality episode on a veteran treating his PTSD with Sled Hockey?) will relaunch for Season 2 as “LIFTED by Rise Collaborative.”

Host and producer Holly Kirkpatrick has spent a few months training in the UK and stateside in Boston, MA with some of the industry’s best in order to bring you top rated story telling alongside top-rated audio.

Once we launch in September, it will be Buffalo’s premier podcast to subscribe to. In the meantime, our episodes need sponsors.

The Best $400 your business has ever spent

While you seek to diversify your advertising budget, consider the one platform where you’ll have an audience’s undivided attention. A $400 single sponsorship includes a promotional budget for Instagram and Facebook, as well as a tag in post copy promoting the episode, and a short and long mention inside each episode, which lives on for eternity.

AND – the blog that hosts each episode? You can put as much or as little content, including photos and videos, about your business in there TOO.

Where EXTRA held about 850+ listeners, we’re poised to grow and this is an opportunity to buy rights to a few episodes early before prices go up.

Please reach out to for details before August 24, 2018 to reserve space.

Back in Buffalo, Holly Kirkpatrick’s firing on all cylinders to develop short- and long-form content. LIFTED Podcast topics range from covering George K Arthur, a politician from Buffalo incensed to run for office during the Civil Rights era, being a female in the brewing industry, feeling the heat, and exploring the fading trade of a blacksmith, learning the story of a refugee running her own business in Buffalo’s west side, and much much more to come.