LIFTED is back, and we’re kicking off Season Two on WHEELS!

LIFTED is our podcast. It tells positive real-life stories of people breaking boundaries in their communities.

In the first episode of season two, we’re rollin’ with Sigourney Cleaver, a skater from Buffalo’s Queen City Roller Girls, as she kicks ass on game day. You’ll be transported to the unforgiving, physical, and adrenaline-soaked experience of fighting through the pack during a bout. Pull up your pantyhose – this episode is flying out of the gate so fast you’re gonna get rink rash.

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LIFTED S2, Ep1: Kickin’ Ass On Wheels With a Queen City Roller Girl.

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Their Buffalocal initiative has just launched, and is gaining steam supporting so many of the region’s greatest breweries including Community Beer Works, New York Beer Project, Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Flying Bison Brewery, 42 North Brewery, Black Bird Cider Works, Labatt Brew House, Big Ditch Brewing Co, Resurgence Brewing Co, Pressure Drop Brewing, 12 Gates Brewing Co. Holy MOLY that’s a lot of beer being made in this town.

Check out all the local events they’re supporting this summer, and enjoy their latest video with Tim Herzog below: