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We’re taking this Feature Friday to tell you about our ongoing partnership with the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County. Once per month, we get together to talk about trending topics and issues that face the people of the city, from immigration and refugees to homelessness, job creation, philanthropy and how millennials are changing the city.

Katie Buseck, the Marketing and Communications Manager at United Way and Kevin Heffernan, Executive Director of Rise and No Boundaries record the show inside the studios of 97 ROCK here in Buffalo. The show airs on Sunday mornings on 96.9FM, but if you’re not away at that time or miss it, we’ll keep them uploaded here on the site for you as well.

Today, we invite you to check out the third episode in our series where Louise Sano was kind enough to join us to tell us about her history, the story of her arrival in Buffalo, and how she started both of her businesses, Global Villages and Global Chic. We’ve seen Louise involved in the community before, from her countless hours working with the Westminster Economic Development Initiative (WEDI) to her volunteer time and proceeds donated to local non profit Girls Education Collaborative.

You can listen to the story here, and check out the latest TOP 10 Instagrams at the same time. As always, keep tagging #RiseBFLO to be featured, and if you have a topic you’d like to hear discussed on-air with the United Way, email it in to hey@risecollaborative.com. Happy Friday!

No other city looks like ours.

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Did some recon at Times Beach today, new post coming this weekend on my favorite waterfront spot!

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Some underworld of the rainbow.

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…can’t give in

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