This week in WNY Social Media: We put out our first ever hashtag project last Sunday, #FFsilhouette. In return, we got a lot of GREAT photos of people putting objects and mostly other people between the sun and their lens. So many good ones that we decided to post them ALL here for your viewing pleasure! We’ll have more projects like it in the coming months so we’re excited to see even more submissions next time around.

For our weekly music and introduction section, we’ve reported on Buffalo Hates You Too earlier this summer, and we have since discovered a whole lot more about them as they embark on a rejuvenated Kickstarter campaign that began just last night. Take it away, John, Eric, and Kelly of Bedlam Film League!

filming at broadway2

The great cities of the future will be the ones that can tell the best stories about themselves. We’d like to help Buffalo tell its story. We’re making a full-length documentary about the city’s turnaround. We’ll be asking difficult questions. Buffalo’s resurgence is amazing! Something we never thought we’d see! But who is being affected by it? We’d like to explore beyond the surface and shine a light on the systemic problems Buffalo still faces and must address before its renaissance truly comes to fruition. We hope that by starting these conversations, we can make Buffalo a leader among other cities picking themselves up but that deal with the same problems like Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis, and Baltimore.

Independent films cost money. The average cost of the films that get made is over $100,000. Our Kickstarter is seeking $25,000 just to get started on acquiring permits, scouting sites, and developing our story. 12 hours later, we’re over halfway there with $15,000! By contributing, you’re taking part in telling Buffalo’s story – the whole story. Your support, at any level, is crucial for this project. Please pledge, follow, and share.


Bedlam Film League is made up of Eric and Kelly Porterfield, Producers, and John Paget, director and filmmaker. You may recall John’s previous works, Buffalo. For Real, Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City, and Next Things Now: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Buffalo. We at Rise are firm believers in this project and the kind of discussion it will bring forth.

Please use this link to make a pledge today!

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A view in my city…………. Buffalo NY…………

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Tourist in my own city this week. #buffalife #FFsilhouette

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A view in my city…………. Buffalo NY……..

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Cricket enjoying the summer…………. Buffalo NY………….

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Mark, the photographer

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Rooftop hangs + squeezing every ounce of summer out of September #yeahbuffalo

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Tonight's Milky Way

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