Friday 4/21, 6PM – It’s time to party!

We’re throwing a free newspaper release party! We’ve got our sponsors and Wrafterbuilt to thank for putting it on. Get down to 69 Elmwood, Wrafterbuilt’s new storefront near Allen, from 6-9P for beer, wine, and Al Wochensky DJ’ing.

The newspaper has printed! We’re really excited to get the stories out there. Friday’s party will be your first chance to check it out.

Stories like this:


Just Buffalo Literary Center is giving away tickets to Babel their incredible lecture series featuring world renowned authors.
RUNWAY 10 – Buffalo State Runway will also have tickets to give away – so stay tuned to our social channels to learn about both.

Keep tagging #RiseBFLO to be featured here and entered into the contests next week and beyond.
Happy Friday!

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Lake Erie peepin ????

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4.10//Hoyt Lake

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Getting it done We found some cool wooded areas in downtown Buffalo. And it’s spring time, so… mud.

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We keep on rolling through the weekend!

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Rewind to the weekend

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What a gorgeous day yesterday! Where did you go to enjoy it?

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