The Decemberists’ new album came out this week. Named after a group of Russian revolutionaries from 1825, what I’ve always loved about the Portland, OR band’s music is that they also sound like they’re from 1825. Their lyrics of “Here’s a hymn to welcome in the day, Heralding a summer’s early sway,” song titles like “The Chimbley Sweep,” and album titles such as The King is Dead, I feel as if I’m escaping 2015 and settling into simpler times.

So this week’s music starts with a song from their new album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World. The rest of the playlist will take you from 1825 into the not so distant past with songs produced within roughly the last 10 years, but sound like they belong in the 1950’s 60’s 70’s 80’s and finishing up beyond 2015 into some futuristic sounds.

(Top Photo: Wandering inside Larkinville buildings)

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