Every week, Drew and Heff choose eight of their favorite instagrams from Buffalo and connections in other cities. They alternate a 10 song playlist full of new and old music for you to enjoy while checking out those photos. Welcome to your new Friday morning tradition.

Remember when you got your license and the first thing you did was ditch your parents’ music and pop in a CD you burned with music you left the modem on all night to downloaded on Kazaa?
Right now, you could hear Jimmy Eat World, and say “Aahhhh…Spring 2002.”
Now, there’s just too much! You’re on Spotify and Pandora, and Sirius in your car. And you love all the new music, but you haven’t taken the time to sit down and enjoy an album in its entirety since God knows when!
So this week…. here’s 10 songs from 10 different artists and 10 different albums just to add even more spice to your collection.

– Heff

#shinyatnight #bearwhips

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Winter friends

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Reed Smiff.

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American Mastodon at the Buffalo Museum of Science #mastodon #buffalomuseumofscience #buffalony #worktrip

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