This Friday, it’s time to get that warm feeling in your room and in your heart. Amy McGee @linwoodcandleco is DJ’ing your Friday morning. Talking about the process going into her candle making, and the scents that draw upon memories of hers in the process. Get down with it.

My go-to music is comprised of soft, whispered vocals, meaningful lyrics and I really appreciate instruments such as banjos, violins and cellos. I find that music has a similar effect on me as scent does. For instance- Jose Gonzalez’s rendition of “Heartbeats” will always remind me of the summer of 2011 when I met my fiance- there’s a lyric in there that says “the colors red and blue” and it was the weekend of the Fourth of July.

In order to create candles it cannot be a rushed activity. Melting the wax, taking the temperatures at various stages and hand-pouring each one requires patience, a steady hand and an over-all calm demeanor. I realized I was drawn to this art while my sister was helping me one day, and she said “oh, my God Amy- you are the slowest person alive- I could never do this!” She said this as I was hand-tying each hang tag around each candle. I laughed of course because it hadn’t occurred to me until she pointed it out, that yes I’m kind of a slow-moving person (in the best way possible!) and I think my music choice some-what reflects my mellow and patient attitude.

Linwood Candle Co. is a small batch candle company owned and operated by Buffalo, New York natives Amy McGee and Nick Misso. Each candle is hand poured in the heart of downtown Buffalo. We use U.S. grown soy wax and cotton core wicks for an even, clean burn. All fragrances used are essential oil infused, premium grade and phthalate-free. We sell at various pop up shops, through Etsy, or just email at

On to the music and the photos! See more about a few of these favorites over at The Public’s VISUALS blog.


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Westminster St. Providence, RI

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Stuff, lots of stuff

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Heisenbergs Closet #ig_rochesterny

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yellow delivery for turquoise building. #vsco #vscocam #buffalo

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Industrial catwalk. #formerurbex #indigo #powerhouse #buffalocolor

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For more information about the Schoellkopf Power House, be sure to visit David’s blog.

The mountains are calling.

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