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Digging these beats even harder? Meet your DJ – Colleen Kirk – @ctomasso on IG.
Colleen has been a copywriter for eight years at a fun-loving retail corp. in the South Towns. “I’m always listening to music with an ear for how it could be applied to my fitness classes which tends to make it hard for me to listen to music just for the sake of enjoying. This randomest of mixes includes my all-time faves, The Black Keys (I hope they’re coming back to Buffalo this summer!), and a band I went to high school with back in Rochester who has just been crushing the music scene in 2015, to the PYT remix and “Revolution” that are staples on my studio playlists.”
Colleen’s also the co-owner of Revolution Indoor Cycling, @revolutionbuffalo, “Shakin’ up the fitness scene in Buffalo with offerings that better yourself, your mind AND your community. It’s all about embracing those feel-good fitness endorphins and sharing them with those you love and our city to make brilliant things happen.”

This boy, and the quiet time we have together, is magic.

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not so warm by the water. #buffalony#bnw#depth

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#buffalony #buffalo

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#Sabres Tank retired to East Side to be forgotten like a lot of things in neighborhood. #Buffalo

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….this weekend is great 🙂

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Riding The Rails #buffalony

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"Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions" #oakalley #onlylouisiana #southerncharm #traveloften #wanderlust

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