Hear ye, hear ye! Friday is upon us once again! This week’s rendition of Feature Friday takes us on a musical journey through pop and old-school hip hop, with a little detour by way of electronic. Gretchen Meyers (of Peg’s Hardware fame) will be guiding you along this road of tempos and timbre, as she tells you all about her latest venture, Makers. While you take in the sounds, feast your eyes on the top eight Instagram posts of the week. As usual, The Public will be giving you a glimpse behind a few of the photos over at their Visuals blog.

MAKERS: a DIY workshop offering modern craft, evolving classes and events fit for everyone.

How it came to be…
Makers was a brain child that came to fruition mainly because it would be something I would love to do! With the enormous popularity of Pinterst and anything DIY, I saw an opportunity in the Buffalo market to try this out. A little over a year later we’re still kicking and now opening up our own space behind Blue Collar on Hertel Avenue. The greatest part about Makers is the constant evolution of what it is and can be. The name says it all, Makers really encompasses anything from making a quartz spike necklace to collaborating with a good friend’s local furniture line (Wrafterbuilt) and building a custom lath coffee table. The store is set up to have people flex their creative muscles, we just give them the supplies and tools to do so.

My playlist and music taste in general really reflect my personality and in turn chosen profession within Makers Buffalo. It’s a revolving door of taste and interests. That’s why I chose the extreme range of music for my playlist. My inspiration to create can be found in anything from the super upbeat rhythms of BORNS to classic hip-hop like Tribe.


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