Happy Pride Week, ya’ll. The entire staff, including Miles the dog, from City Dining Cards has created a playlist for you to get ready to party all weekend long! While you enjoy, take in some stellar photography from around the area – this week’s full-sized features! For more behind a few of our selections, check out The Public’s Visuals Blog. (You’re going to want to read @jamespatrick12’s piece!)

While you may know our decks of cards offering discounts to local restaurants, we’re currently hard at work at building a new, free app! All 12 of us picked out our favorite songs as an ode to hot days and hotter nights (!!). Come visit us during the Pride Parade this Sunday – we’ll be handing out freebies, treats, and giving you priority access to our new app when it launches later this summer.”

Here’s each song selection per employee:
Hot Stuff – Marilyn
California Sunset – Bernice
The Rhythm of the Night – Patrick F.
Love Removal Machine – Logan
Time Stands Still – Will
Africa – Annie
Letter Divine – Patrick S.
Lovely Day – Chris
Avant Gardener – Robin
Tripped and Fell in Love – Bernice
Scenic World – Emily
Pass This On – Mike
Lean On – Ryan
Little Red Corvette – Miles the Doodle


Artúro Sandoval

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Dowel explosion. #day149 #project365

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One M&T Plaza

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Storm was a-brewin' during our pregame warm ups, luckily it cleared up before game time. #VSCOcam ☔️⚽️

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