Lace ’em up, and get out there and run! This week, we’re introducing you to our friend Chris, owner of @dashdogrunning. He cares as much about your dog as you do, and this week, we’ve got him caring about your ears too with a killer playlist taking it back to the late 90’s/early 2000’s with a few modern alternative beats snuck in.

As you know, we’ve sent the story behind our top four photos over to The Public’s Visuals Blog. Join the fun by tagging your photos #FFRisePublic. Now some words from Chris of Dash:

For me, a good workout playlist is all about controlled intensity. Sure, you want to get pumped up but you have stay in control and be able to maintain your effort for the entire workout or competition. Being a runner, I gravitate toward songs that build in tempo to reinforce a progressive pace. And I always like to end on a fun, euphoric note. This playlist is a mix of rock and alternative songs I’ve listened to before races going back to high school and college, along with some current tracks.

About Dash Dog Running:
Dash Dog Running is a specialty pet care service focusing on high-intensity exercise for high-energy pooches We don’t just walk dogs – we run and hike them. Our runs are typically 20 or 30 minutes long, which can range anywhere from 2 to 4 miles depending on the dog, weather, and other factors. Exercise plays such an important role in dogs – from helping to maintain a healthy weight to preventing behavioral issues. Plus, dogs can be the absolute best running partners because they’re always enthusiastic, never complain about the conditions, and just have a blast the entire time.


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