Above: Recently opened splash pad at Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

“…Not from tyranny or oppression or persecution, but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live!”
What a weekend this will be! Does this weekend’s forecast make up for the winter we endured? Possibly, so long as you get outside and enjoy every minute of it (after checking out this week’s post)!
Of this week’s top eight photos below, we’ve collected the background behind four of the eight and provided those stories to The Public on their visuals blog.
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This week,a very special DJ session for Heff. He’ll begin his new job as Marketing Manager for 19 IDEAS in Buffalo’s West Side on Monday. The staff at 19 IDEAS provided the playlist for your weekend celebrations. Enjoy!

19 IDEAS is a New York State Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) full-service marketing and communications agency that takes an integrated marketing approach through digital marketing, web and app development, and communications and public relations, and graphic design. 19 IDEAS is operated by top local industry professionals and entrepreneurs who understand how businesses function. We offer marketing and creative solutions for like-minded clients that have passion for their work and whose mission helps advance our community every day. We are mindful, thoughtful and passionate about causes bigger than ourselves. We work with purpose.

Katie: Blame it on the Rain by Milli Vanilli – 90s R&B was just as amazing as ’90s alternative, lest we forget. I don’t care who actually sang this song, it’s a classic. And it’s very apropos for the weather we’ve been having this summer.

Dan: Starship Trooper by Yes – In memory of Chris Squire, bassist and founding member of Yes, who passed away this week.

Michael: Sweet Dreams by La Bouche – Nothing screams a good summer night like listening to La Bouche’s 90s hits while dancing with good friends and a cold drink.

Amber: Animals by Baths – It has the cadence of a chill summer day and is a nice addition to a yoga playlist.

Dave: Fan by Dan P and the Bricks – Sing alongs and smiles usually ensue upon listening.

Denis: Don’t Let it Go by Beck – It perfectly spoke my heart and the words I needed to share with my son… who was deciding whether or not to stay in Buffalo. One year later, I’m celebrating the triumph of this song… and my son’s return to Buffalo.

Michelle: Bowflexcellent By Noxious Foxes – This track delivers an energetic punch while having the complexity of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Krez: Hit that Jive by Gramatik – It has been stuck in my head for quite some time and the beat gets to you.

Sultan: Green Grass and High Tides by Outlaws – Because the lyrics and meaning, complex guitar solos and length provides an amazing experience that pays tribute to rock and roll icons no longer here.

Grant: Twenty Minutes by edIT – It is very relaxing and helps me to focus.


Best #mudface of the day goes to Alex. #raccoonrally was no joke, #alexdaveyjones photo by Ron Grucela

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I'm just your satellite. #spoon #VSCOcam

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Love will always WIN.

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I keep having this dream where…

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Sunrises and rooftops last summer with these goons. @wolfpiss @jgrunkeee @red_winged_blackbird @jeffrepeater

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Went on a journey behind the falls #cheaplug

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