It’s a summertime BLOG PARTY! We’re rearranging the post to give our weekly featured DJ’s some greater exposure. Every week you’ll hear more from a local small business, artist, advocacy group, or non profit, and review the top six Instagrams from around the region.

We’re still linking up with The Public to tell the stories behind the photos too. So relish in your newly enriched Friday experience, and let this week’s featured small business, Mike and Mac from @buffablog, make your day!


We’ve put together a list of bands we’ve been playing in our office over the past month or so. You’ll find it’s ranged from obnoxious electro to cutesie mixtape jams to name indie acts. buffaBLOG’s tastes range all over the place, as long as it’s good.

Our next event will be the launch of our emo DJ series called Taking Back Saturday. Each showcase will include DJ sets from former and current players of Buffalo’s emo scene. The first, which features sets from former members of Cute Is What We Aim For, Mandy K, and In Motion, will take place at Milkie’s on Elmwood on Saturday, September 19th.

Mac’s Picks
Wilco – “Random Name Generator”
Tame Impala – “The Moment”
Beirut – “No No No”
Mikal Cronin – “iii) Control”
Passion in Constellation – “Tropical Love” feat. Cara Doyle

Mike’s Picks
Adult Mom – “Survival”
The Receiver – “Transit”
Los Angeles Police Department – “Bishop Rd”
Anklepants – “Fucking the ‘Wild’”
Pile – “Prom Song”

Are you a small business owner or advocacy group with an killer event coming up and wanna spread the word? Or maybe you wanna hop in the DJ booth for a Feature Friday? We, and our 4000 followers, would love to check it out! Contact us –

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