I scream. You scream. We all scream for Friday! Yea, that doesn’t rhyme, but we don’t care. The weekend is upon us! Bask in its glory!

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Your playlist this week is brought to you by the distinguished gentlemen of Tommyrotter Distillery (@tommyrotterdistillery). Get a taste of what they’re pumping out of their speakers while churning up some of the best gin and vodka you can find.

Below is the Tommyrotter playlist. We were thinking it would be funny to do over the top sexy songs to get people’s eyes rolling. We scratched that and were struggling to pick 10 different songs that truly embody our brand and identity. Ultimately, we resolved to do what’s most natural: make a playlist made up of the songs that we make Tommyrotter gin and vodka to everyday. It might not be what we play in the tasting room or what you’ll hear at a bar when sipping a gimlet, but if you really try to imagine what it’s like to spend 15 hours on a production while working through the finishing round on a batch of gin, you’ll be falling short unless you close your eyes tight and play these songs REALLY LOUD. Be warned: It’s awesome, weird and our life blood.

P.S. Tommyrotter Gin and Vodka hit the streets September 1! Be sure to ask your local liquor store and favorite bar to carry it. Post on our Facebook telling us where you want to buy and tag the location as well!

Are you a small business owner or advocacy group with an killer event coming up and wanna spread the word? Or maybe you wanna hop in the DJ booth for a Feature Friday? We, and our 4000 followers, would love to check it out! Contact us – risecollaborative@gmail.com


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West side's saddest robot.

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