Excitement abound for our new collaboration with The Public! Since December, we’ve really enjoyed putting together Feature Friday every week. The instagram’s we’ve found have introduced us to new people, shown us new places, and inspired us in our own shots around town. We started Feature Friday because those photos were badass and deserved a bigger audience. We figured we’d share some our favorite music with you at the same time.

Every week, we’ll continue to compile our top eight photos. Now, we’re reaching out to the top four. We want to ask you the where/how/who/why of your photo. Those in depth backgrounds will make up a new weekly blog on The Public. Today, we won’t be featuring any photos because we need to fall behind a week in order to sync up with the Public for next Friday.

We invite you to participate by slapping #FFRisePublic onto your photos each week.

Also, beginning next week, the playlists you see below will be compiled by the very people we started Rise in order to promote – various small business owners, artists, volunteers, and leaders around Buffalo.

We hope you continue to enjoy new photo and music discovery right here every week.

Fridays Forever,

Drew and Heff