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Video is extremely effective, but fewer and fewer consumers under 40 are watching TV on cable or antenna to view local ads.
Reach a younger audience where they want to view video, inside the applications on their phones or laptops.

An entertaining and informative video makes a stronger impression on viewers. A video production on TV is limited to the 0:15 or 0:30 commercials, TV has very prohibitive costs, and it has decreasing viewership. Our projects’ impact and reach online are limitless.

Rise develops the storyboards, films and produces the projects, and then runs them directly onto its own networks to reach its highly-engaged, young audience and their peers. We work with our clients to take the message they want to share, and develop a narrative that keeps viewers engaged throughout the entire video. Cost determined by number of iterations, length of video, promotional budget etc. 

M&T Bank
was seeking a younger audience of entrepreneurs and utilized Rise’s video production and its audience to hit the mark. Rather than just be promotional of M&T’s services, we gave our audience lessons in entrepreneurship from M&T’s successful clients. Here, Sean Wrafter walks us through his career decisions while walking us through the steps it takes to produce a table visually. M&T was able to associate its brand and its services directly with a young business owner, and our audience watched the video more than 30,000 times.

In 2016, shortly after Billy Club opened, and before it became the powerhouse it is today, Jake and Dan approached Rise to develop a project to get more people in the door and try the place out.
We put together a three-part series that started with a general overview of the atmosphere and offerings, and broke out into two cocktail instruction classes. All three videos pointed to a single Thursday night event that broke records for attendance and revenue for the restaurant at that time. When it’s fun and entertaining, our audience shows up in droves.


Hatchets & Hops called us when they needed help developing new corporate team building clients. Our team has an extensive background working for ad agencies, and we understand the influence agencies have on their clients. So we invited 12 of Buffalo’s ad agencies down to throw in a tournament, knowing their clients would definitely see it.
Beer mixed with hatchet throwing? Many people scoffed initially at the idea, so we also developed a narrative to the video that would show how the fun of hatchet throwing can be safely mixed with alcohol consumption due to the presence of instructors inside cages at all times. As a result, Hatchets & Hops corporate retreats increased, and nearly 10,000 viewers now had Hatchets & Hops in mind for a fun night out.

What can Rise Video do for you?

No matter your product, service, or message, we can make it visually appealing and entertaining. Trust Rise to break through the congestion on social media and introduce your organization to the young audiences now flexing their new economic muscle.

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M&T Bank
Hatchets & Hops
Trocaire College
Mass Mutual
Cobblestone Live
Irish Classical Theater
Love in Motion Yoga