Advertising Options:

We stay busy on social media. It keeps us at the top of people’s feeds. If your organization is in need of more attention for a big announcement, product launch, fundraiser or special event, we can push out content rapidly across all our platforms.

Just provide us with ALL the details. Any media you have available, especially photos and videos, main takeaways, contact info, links, dates, and let us know what you think makes your news special. Not only will we turn that around to our audience, but we’ll write an introduction in our voice so that our audience sees its authenticity and passion, not just its sales pitch.


Blog housing all the details and pointing back to your organization at every turn.
Weekly email blast. Our emails are fun, quirky, and short. That’s why they beat the industry average and have a 19% open rate.
Blog and/or your photos/videos onto our Facebook page.
Blog and/or your photos/videos onto our Instagram page.
Blog and/or your photos/videos onto our Twitter page.

When all is said and done, our audience won’t be able to miss your announcement, and they’ll take action.