Advertising Options:

Rise is always producing content including video, but especially photos and blog posts. From our 11,000+ follower Instagram, and 4,500+ follower Facebook accounts, we now link directly to every blog post. We invite sponsors to present blog posts and be featured in our email out to 1,500+ subscribers every week.

Our commentary on trending or newsworthy issues in the community at large gets the eyes and the engagement of our young audience once we release it online. Utilize this option as rapid promotion of an upcoming event or offering, or simply general promotion of your organization.

For $300:
One featured blog about your business
Shout outs on Rise’s social to build up your announcement, initiative, new product or service
Placed into Rise’s weekly email
All in rapid succession to keep you up front in our viewers’ eyes.

Provide photos and story you need told and we’ll get into our voice, onto our blog, our Facebook and Twitter feeds and our Instagram Stories


Provide a 1200×628 px JPG and a 500×500 JPG that includes your business’s logo, main offering, upcoming event, tagline (if any) and contact information.

Provide an additional 1200×628 px and 500×500 px JPG that has only your logo over a branded color background.

Your organization will be tagged on all social releases of the blog, and featured with a clickable image inside each blog you present.

We will utilize the JPGs provided above to insert your clickable ad into the middle of our weekly email, between events to attend and content to check out, associating your brand with the email our audience loves to read to discover new events and topics.

Contact Kevin Heffernan ( with any questions.