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In the latest episode we meet Lisa. Lisa has experienced homelessness and addiction. She’s at the Matt Urban Hope Gardens which provides housing for once chronically homeless women. But she’s not a resident at Hope Gardens. She’s the boss. Find out how she got there.

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S2, Ep2: Getting High on As and Bs.

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You can find out more about the Matt Urban Center and what they do here.

The data on homelessness in Erie County used in this episode is from the 2017 Homelessness Summary Brief, which is the latest available at the time of recording.

This episode is proudly presented by Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

Buffalo’s parks are THE thing that sets our city apart from any other city in the country. Their beauty stretches through the entire city, connecting us all with nature and each other. Maintained by staff and volunteers, not only do they require your enjoyment, but also your support. There’s so much going on this summer, you can see a roundup below (also featured in our magazine) or you can head to their website to learn more.