LIFTED is a weekly podcast profiling people and perspectives of the American community. Through telling short, real-life stories of people starting something new, striving for personal goals and breaking through barriers, LIFTED aims to build a picture of life for Western New Yorkers.

BONUS EPISODE: More from “Metal Guy” Rick Smith

In this bonus episode, we hear more from Rick Smith, businessman and owner of Silo City. In 1940, Rick’s grandfather founded a textured metal company. Rick talks about his experiences growing up knowing that he was expected to become the 3rd generation president of the business. NOTE: Rick’s story was featured in the regular season of the podcast in the episode called ‘Frontiersman of Silo City’. You should listen to that first, before returning to this. 

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LIFTED is produced and hosted by Holly K for Rise Collaborative.

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LIFTED will return for Season 2 in 2019!

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