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EPISODE FOUR: For Vandra Ruppel, It’s All About The Beer

Presented by Trocaire College’s Brewing, Distilling and Fermentation Science Program

The Buffalo Beer Scene is BOOMING! Hear from Buffalo’s first female head-brewer Vandra Ruppel in this week’s episode of #LIFTEDpodcast. Vandra brews at Hydraulic Hearth for Community Beer Works. She may be a pioneer of the Buffalo beer-scene, but for Vandra, it’s all about the beer.

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This episode of LIFTED is brought to you by Trocaire College’s Brewing, Distilling, and Fermentation Science Program

Brewing is bustling in Buffalo.
Trocaire College has launched a new program to help students dive in and join this booming industry!

Brewing in WNY

According to Visit Buffalo Niagara: “Buffalo’s rich industrial past is soaked in beer. In 1919, on the eve of Prohibition, Buffalo was home to twenty-nine breweries and featured more than 8,000 drinking establishments. But it wasn’t until the end of the 20th century that brewing returned to the city with the opening of Flying Bison Brewing Company and Pearl Street Grill & Brewery.”

The Buffalo area now has 31 craft breweries and six distilleries, including Community Beer Works, Hamburg Brewing Company, Resurgence Brewing Company, Big Ditch Brewing, Rusty Nickel Brewing, 42 North Brewing, Black Squirrel Distillery and Tommyrotter Distillery among many others.

Upcoming Mini Workshops

Seasonal Brews: Brewing With Unique Ingredients
Special Guest Brewer: Rudy Watkins of Thin Man Brewery
October 13, 2018
Saturday, 1-4pm
Cost $30

This workshop will cover a variety of different seasonal brews and the ingredients that make them unique. We will be joined by Rudy Watkins, head brewer from Thin Man Brewing, to discuss unique and unusual brews, from rich pumpkin beers and winter warmers to light fruit and sour beers, and many others in between. We will inform homebrewers on how to incorporate unique ingredients into beers, as well as taste a variety of beers to appreciate complementary and contrasting flavors that make seasonal beers so unique.

Brewing Eclectic IPAs
Special Guest Brewer : John Domres of Buffalo Brewing Company
November 3, 2018
Saturday, 1-4pm
Cost $30

This workshop will cover the flavors and production of IPA varieties, as well as the use of adjuncts, such as fruit, herbs, spices, in IPAs. John Domres, the president and brewer at Buffalo Brewing Company, will join us to describe the processes used to develop the myriad flavors and aromas in IPAs. We will also discuss the effects of growing conditions, brewing water, and yeast strains hop flavors. Participants will taste several unique IPAs that have been created using different processes and unique ingredients.