Reddy Bikeshare and Independent Health announced the official start of the 2021 bikesharing season today, with 400 bikes available this week in about 90 different locations between Niagara Falls and Buffalo. This season marks Reddy’s sixth year of service in Buffalo, and second full season in Niagara Falls, where bikes will be available through October in both cities. The City of Niagara Falls also provides support for the program, making it possible to provide highly discounted annual passes to its residents 18 and older.

“I am pleased for the City of Niagara Falls to begin yet another bike season,” said Mayor Robert Restaino. “We look forward to our residents, and visitors, taking advantage of the bikes as the weather gets warmer. The City has worked to allow residents the opportunity to purchase an annual pass for the incredibly low price of $1.00, allowing our community to easily utilize these bikes in the spring, summer and fall months.”

All other Western New Yorkers can hop on a Reddy bike for a discount if you sign up in the month of April. Reddy Bikeshare and Independent Heath are extending a 50% discount off the price of an annual pass, normally $55 plus tax. The promo is available through the month of April, redeemable with code: REDDY2RIDE at or by downloading the Social Bicycles app. Members can ride for the entire season at a cost of about $30 to sign up and only $0.60/hour to ride.

“We’re gearing up for our best season yet, once again,” said Jennifer White, co-founder and communications director for Reddy Bikeshare. “Biking is more popular than ever, and together with our valued partner, Independent Health, we can’t advocate enough for the mental and physical benefits that biking as a lifestyle provides. Biking can make you feel strong, healthy, confident, and empowered. Last year was hard on everyone in every possible way; a bike can be a tool that motivates, that helps keep you moving forward in life, to persevere, to not give up.”

With an influx of new riders in 2020, more than the program has served in its previous four years in operation, White says the Reddy Bikeshare team feels a responsibility to help continue the bike boom momentum. “To us, to Independent Health, and to a community of people we work with, bikes are a hopeful symbol of health, access and community. The silver lining to the pandemic in WNY is that Reddy bikes not only supported essential travel, but also inspired more people to spend their time by bike – as our statistics showed a 300% increase in casual riders from 2019-2020 and a 222% increase in riders overall.”

“The Reddy Bikeshare program continues to be a tremendous success from both a recreational and alternate means of transportation perspective,” said Independent Health spokesman Frank J. Sava. “The bikeshare program is helping our community to embrace fitness and a healthy lifestyle and also enhancing the quality of life for residents in Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Sava continued, “With strong local roots, Independent Health is truly committed to creating a culture of health in Western New York through programs like Reddy Bikeshare that have a direct and measurable impact on improving the health and wellbeing of our community.”

The increased interest in active transportation, recreation and fitness options has Reddy Bikeshare and Independent Health officials working to find ways to collaborate with like-minded organizations that want to make bikes more accessible throughout their communities. Discounts to register for a bikeshare account are available to:

  • Independent Health members

  • M&T Bank employees

  • Members of GObike

  • Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) employees

  • Residents of the Fruit Belt community, supported by BNMC

  • University Heights residents

  • Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority employees

  • Folks interested in joining a Slow Roll or an East Side Bike Club ride

With added locations on Buffalo’s East Side, East Side Bike Club (ESBC) and Reddy hope to recruit new members to join the club through access to Reddy bikes. “I like to encourage all the people that I possibly can to get out and ride a bike, said Rodam, an ESBC member and promoter. “People are talking and asking about the bikes and everyone’s ready to get out, it’s a beautiful thing. They just need some encouragement to ride and education on how easy bikeshare is to use. That’s where we can come in and work together to help spread the word.”

Reddy Bikeshare will also continue their collaboration with partner organization GObike to help educate interested riders on safe cycling practices throughout the season through a hybrid of in-person and online events.

Reddy Bikeshare and its partners are currently developing safe, socially responsible plans to ensure precautions are taken to continue to protect the community against Covid-19. Bike cleaning and sanitation protocols will continue throughout the season, with hand sanitizers available in bike baskets as supplies last.

For more information on the 2021 Reddy Bikeshare season, contact or visit accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Shared Mobility, Inc.

Shared Mobility Inc. (SMI) of Buffalo, New York operates Reddy Bikeshare and also serves as a transportation solutions nonprofit that focuses on cutting-edge technology and best practices to build mobility systems that serve disadvantaged communities in small and mid-sized markets. These communities are not traditional markets for shared mobility operators, and SMI’s work often requires tailoring mobility solutions to fit the needs of each area. Throughout its 10 years of experience, SMI has worked across the shared mobility spectrum in the fundraising, deployment, growth, and evaluation of shared transportation systems. This includes bikesharing, carsharing, volunteer transportation, vanpooling, and transportation demand management programs.  It seeks to apply the same social-equity focused mindset to its nationwide portfolio of projects. For further information, visit