of course we’re bringing it back!


What’s changed?

After the wildly successful premier of the 90’s Rise Again Halloween Party in 2016, and heavy demand to bring back the party under the same theme, we’ve decided to keep the same theme, band (Kurt & The Loders), DJs (Crespo Beats), but move to Riverworks to grow to three times the size (3,000 attendees expected). We’re also introducing SE2 Silent Disco upstairs, continuing our successful method of allowing people to choose their own party while within the facility. Also – bigger and better costume prizes!
Group costumes were such a hit last year, that we’ll be increasing prizes to award the top 3 group costumes $600, $400, and $200, and the top 2 individuals will win $300 and $150. Other than that, Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!

How can you be involved as a sponsor?

There are two ways to stamp your brand on an event that spans an audience ages 25-45, reaching through Buffalo and its suburbs, Niagara Falls, and into Southern Ontario. When tickets sold out, people hopped on our event page, willing to pay double, and “cuddle after” for any remaining tickets. So this is indeed THE party to be associated with this fall.

Title Sponsor $3,500

Title sponsors will be mentioned in all social media posts regarding the party. This will hit our combined social media following of nearly 15,000 accounts between Rise Collaborative and No Boundaries, and many more when the posts are promoted all over the region.

Title sponsor’s logo will be added to the step and repeat photo banner, popular last year for individual and group photos. Title Sponsors may also hang signage as they see fit throughout the entire facility.

Title Sponsor: $3,500 – 1 Available
 – Named in Event branding
 – Named in all promo
 – Can place banners wherever, in any amount
 – Part of step and repeat photo banner
 – May table at event
 – Include blog post on platforms all about the organization
 – Receives 20 tickets

Event Sponsor – $1,000
You’re reading all this and thinking “We’ve just got to get our brand involved one way or another!” We’ve got options for you too!

Event Sponsor: $1,000 – 4 Available (Flexible to $500 with less tickets)
 – Named in all event descriptions
 – May place 1 banner
 – May table at event
 – Receives 6 tickets

Costume Contest Sponsor $1,750

Last year’s group winners earned it – Jim Carrey’s Career? RAD! But there were so many more incredible ones, we had a hard time choosing!! That’s why this year’s needs to open up for more prizes. It’s one of the most anticipated events of the night and having a sponsor be part of it is critical. Throughout the night, our staff will hand out cards with your business’s logo on them, holding instructions on how to enter and where and when to be present for awards.

Upon making the announcement, while holding everyone’s attention, we will name you as the sponsor of the contest and include a tag line or call to action that you may write and submit yourself.

Inside the event promotional pages, we will make the announcement of the improved group and individual costume contests followed by a “brought to you by…” to guarantee additional exposure before the event.

Costume Contest Sponsor: $1,750 – 1 Available
 – Named in every promotional message of the costume contest
 – Part of step and repeat photo banner
 – May place 1 banner
 – May table at event
 – Presents Costume Contest winners
 – Receives 10 tickets

Please reach out directly to Kevin Heffernan, Managing Director of Rise Collaborative, with your desired sponsorship level via kevin@risecollaborative.com.