Thank you all so much for coming!

Raising the stakes on last year’s party paid off, as we were able to have yet another dance-packed fun fest on both floors of Riverworks, and the costumes this year amazed us once again. Your support of Rise Collaborative events means the world to us and allows us to continue to grow. We hope you all had a blast, stayed safe, and will join us at our next event. We’d like to walk you through some of our absolute favorites (there were too many to list here! We loved them all!) and make a statement about one costume in particular at the end. Here’s the best, in no particular order:

Watch out! Princess Peach has red shells!!

“The cream Rises to the top”

Jack skellington and the Boogie Man, in home made costumes, made the entire dance floor go crazy.

Perfect Instagram execution. We laughed the whole next day.

LAY OFF ME I’M STARVING #gapgirls #90sriseagain @f_e_f @nbcsnl @davidspade @adamsandler

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From getting decked out in 90s acid trip notebook designs

To decking out in all denim like Britney and Justin

To Telling Donnie to shut the fuck up all night

Sometimes, we didnt even wait to put them in the freezer

#90sriseagain #halloween #flavorice

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Happy Trees!

We had to open the garage door to let Shredder and Krang in.

Attention to detail in the full house costumes

They had the full helmets. The full helmets you guys!

Call me. Beep me.

These two came right from a taping in LA

Olmec said Saturday night was Legendary


#90sriseagain #rufio @joerussell82

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Meep Meep!

Yeah not 90s but come on. I wouldnt be able to pick it out of a pile of stuffed animals.

Napster and AIM photobombing everyone

Want more?! Head to #90sRiseAgain on Instagram for them all!!

That leaves 1 to put under a different list:

With these folks, we’re not angry. We just want to say clearly, without hesitation, NO. We could assume there was no malicious intent, and that this costume was simply a quick idea without much thought of the implications of doing black face. But, its 2017. We can’t just dust it under the carpet. We need to present it, and say that it’s unacceptable. We want to continue to throw parties on Halloween and throughout the year where everyone feels welcome, and no one’s costumes offend others for a cheap laugh. So let this stand as a request that for our future Halloween parties, you please think twice in choosing your costumes about who might be offended, whether it’s appropriate, and whether it’s worth it. From black face to Native American princesses, with a decade as incredible as the 90s, there’s probably another choice you can make instead, and then join us all on the dance floor. Thanks!