THANK YOU to everyone who came to the best party we may have ever thrown!

WOW WOW WOW. From full-throated, head-banging sing-alongs with Kurt and the Loders to a full on rave that went right up until 12:59:59 with DJ Buckw!ld, it was such a blast (Catch videos of those on our Instagram).

Congratulations to the costume contest winners for their crazy, crazy ideas winning our team’s hearts.

Shout out to the staff at Resurgence Brewing Company for outstanding service and scene.
Thank you so much to Evans Bank for backing this party, and making it possible, for the third time in a row.
And thank you to our team at the door, setting up, taking down, and cheering everyone on all night.
Been a hell of a run, y’all!✌️BEST GROUP PRIZE: Oregon Trail “Sign hanging off the back of the “Wagon! Wagon!” (chanted from the crowd) read, “Get in bitches, we’re going to die of dysentery!”
2nd GROUP PRIZE: Y2K Computer Bug – The Horror!! The Panic!!BEST SOLO: Wilson from Home Improvement – – Could have easily built a fence that went as low as his chest, but he built it all the way to floor, and lugged it around ALL NIGHT.
2nd SOLO: Operation! Complete with interactive game play with tweezers, bones, organs all ready to be plucked.

Enjoy ALL the photos below. Download and post. Please tag @risecollaborative and stay in touch with us! We’re always up to something.