Kevin Heffernan
Andrew Delmonte

When your employees are also your co-owners, everyone’s working hard and being rewarded

PUSH Buffalo and Cooperation Buffalo are looking to expand on the success of worker-owned and community-controlled businesses in the city and region and are inviting you to apply to attend the first Cooperative Academy program. The initiative is meant to bring the resources and skills to teams of folks interested in forming worker-owned and community-controlled cooperative enterprises that build wealth and power for marginalized communities.

For 12 weeks from October 1st through December 17th, teams of co-op entrepreneurs will explore how to build worker-owned cooperative businesses with experts in business development, finance, governance, democratic decision making, and participatory management, and will learn about the rich history and culture of cooperative economics in our region. You’ll meet member-owners of several Buffalo co-ops and leave with a plan for starting your own cooperative. Teams of at least 2 people are encouraged to apply, whether you’re at the idea stage, or already taking steps to grow your business, or want to explore converting your workplace to employee-ownership. Here is a link to the application form. Applications are due by September 15th and the course is free. For more information visit, or contact Andrew at or 716-884-0356 ext 241.