This is the final week for lloyd as your sponsor. Don’t worry, they’ll be back again one day, ready to fill you up with free, delicious tacos just for tagging your photos with #RiseBFLO. Right off the bat, we wanna say…

Congrats to this week’s winner with the WOW shot!

@sethamman of @arch.type is always going out and getting a beautiful shot of something totally different. Check out both of his accounts – it’s loaded with new angles, places, and gems hidden in broad daylight. Seth! Email us at for details on how to obtain your gift card to lloyd. Happy Eating and Drinking at the Factory!

Get to lloyd’s sixth anniversary party!

It’s not always about tacos at lloyd. Sometimes some Korean BBQ Shrimp Quesadillas sneak into the platter too:

Surprises like this have made the restaurant always crowded and the trucks always with a line a half mile long. They. Don’t. Fuck. Around. So come celebrate that awesomeness on Sunday August 21!


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In other news, sponsors are lining up to take part in No Boundaries, our newspaper due out in October. If you’re a small business that wants to be a part of the city’s resurgence, check this out for more details:

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And finally, today is the last day to order your Rise logo tee! For those of you who have, we’ll total up the orders tonight and get them processed with Positive Approach Saturday morning. For those of you who have not yet, this is it. They’re gone at midnight! $18 makes you the coolest person in the room whether its grey or indigo, guy or girl.


Now, the rest of the best of WNY’s Instagrams


Sometimes the light/subject does all the work, we just press buttons. #photography #notanartist #isteallight

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When the lights stay up in the city…

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Gentle Giant. #grainsilo #grainelevator #buffalove

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#graffitiart #wallart #colormerad @jessie_and_katey sweet walls #buffalove

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Somewhere new

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