We are on week two of three with lloyd as your sponsor. Whether you’re eating off the trucks, stopping in the factory, or buying their nixtamalized tortillas, you’re getting the best quality Mexican food in town. And you can eat $25 worth of it for FREE if you keep tagging your photos with #RiseBFLO.

When you’re sitting with your friends, hungry as all hell, the last thing you want is for your tortilla to fall apart in your hand and leave you with a fork and a frown. Don’t let that happen! Go to lloyd, where they do it right. And go on August 21, when they’ll be celebrating their sixth anniversary. SIX YEARS since all the old back and mortars tried to keep food trucks out of Buffalo? Now look at Niagara Square, Larkinville, Canalside, and corners of main drags all over the city, loaded with delicious food options for you. It was lloyd who led the way. Time to celebrate with them!



We have brought apparel back! OMG YES. They’re the softest shirts we’ve ever ordered using American Apparel, and we’re printing at Positive Approach on Connecticut Street! Check out the gray or indigo, logo on front, RISE BFLO on back, and get yours to wear with pride around the city!

AND we announced we’re launching a special edition newspaper. Print is certainly not dead, and we’ll prove it. No Boundaries will deliver stories from the typically underreported areas of Buffalo. Community advocates from all over the city will be contributing articles, photography and poetry about the neighborhoods they call home. Get involved and help be part of the solution.

This week’s $25 to lloyd winner:

Amazing angle. Really really unique shot. Check out @_michaelsilvestri for some cool shots of musical artists and things around the city.

Rest of the best

Baseball and Snow Cones!

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Today I went to the Garden Walk Buffalo (for the first time!) and it was AWESOME. #hashtagstepoutbuffalo

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Racing today was so much fun. I don’t want summer to end.

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A relaxing way to work

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when you take a photo that you love & forget about it for two weeks. #latergram #verybusy

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