“And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for, brought to you by [Your Business Here]!”

Over 2016 and 2017, Rise Collaborative Halloween parties have sold over 1,750 tickets! On top of the incredible venues and music acts, themes and offerings, it’s been our costume contests which have set us apart from everywhere else in town.

We encourage groups to go wild with their imaginations, and individuals to stand out from the crowd, creating something no one else thought of.

All eyes are on the main stage when it’s time to announce who has won that year, and that means that by sponsoring a costume prize this year, you’ll have the undivided attention of 850 people at Town Ballroom on October 27!

Sponsor Options:

Best Individual Homemade: $250 – SOLD
Funniest Individual: $100 – SOLD

Best Group (4+) Homemade: $400 – SOLD
Funniest Group (4+): $200

Added Value:
1000+ people are already invited to the event and that number continues to grow as hype spreads and tickets sell. When you become a sponsor, we’ll announce inside the event where everyone will get a notification with whatever tag line and link you’d like us to use. Your business’ name will be permanently in the event description, and read on stage.

Interested? Hit up hey@risecollaborative.com.


For $1500, Rise Halloween: The Freak Out! Will be presented BY YOU.
This includes your brand’s banner on stage all night, your name added to the event’s name online and in descriptions.
Additionally, you’ll receive 8 tickets to the event, and 40 drink tickets.
There’s a few Halloween parties this year, only one is at the city’s best venue, with the best dance party of them all. Attach your name to it.