(Just swap the Feet with Bike and start jamming)

Remember that angry article Rod Watson wrote last week about losing lanes for his station wagon for – gasp – BIKE LANES? His claim was that he sees no one on the bike lanes, so why make motorists sacrifice their time for no one. It lacked foresight, optimism, or any desire to change his comfortable car ride routine, but he did have a point. The lanes are increasing every year, and so are riders, but is it enough for the masses to notice and start thinking about changing their own routine?

There’s a reason May is Bike to Work Month, and this is Bike to Work Week. Get started early in this nice weather and you’ll create a fun, healthy habit for yourself throughout the summer and fall – and even winter! We’ve all been guilty of believing we’ll get there faster and easier if we just hop in the car. And we’ve all waited in the long line of traffic downtown and seen a biker go zipping by with ease and thought – shoot I would have made it into work on time if I biked! So ride on Friday! And keep doing it.

Photo Courtesy Go Bike Buffalo

Join Go Bike Buffalo at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) for this annual celebration of biking. You’ll be joined by special guests as we celebrate the growth of better biking in Buffalo and look to a bright, bike-friendly future.

7:30A – 10:00A, FRIDAY MAY 20

There will be a complimentary bicycle breakfast for people who ride their bikes, as well as bicycle portraits with a professional photographer and Cycle Stories–an opportunity for people to talk about their experiences biking in Buffalo as part of a research project.

To register for the bike to work breakfast, go here.

Photo Courtesy Go Bike Buffalo