Casey Kelly’s Work Wows at Gallery 716 (Hydraulic Hearth) through November. 

Fresh off laying out our most powerful section of #NoBoundaries4 that dealt with the nation’s opiate crisis through the eyes of those actually affected by it, professor, designer, biker, maker Casey Kelly continues to pump out work that makes you think differently about whats in front of you, and around you every day.

Cocktail? Pizza? ART. Swing by the phone booth at Hydraulic Hearth through October and November to check out her work on display:



It is estimated that there are around 391,000 species of vascular plants currently known to science, with about 2,000 new species being discovered or described every year*. It is daunting to think about all of the beauty we will never see in our time here on earth — in both existing and non-existing things.

Botanical Fiction is a series of studies that loosely explore otherworldly flora. Acrylic ink washes followed by freeform marker sketches demonstrate that there are endless possibilities, much like those in the world that surrounds us. We must remain curious and continue to explore and seek awareness beyond what lies in front of us.

Featured are a few studies from a series of 15. These studies may turn into a larger format and evolve. These studies will be on view at Hydraulic Hearth in Buffalo, New York from September 2018–November 2018 in Gallery 716 — their ‘phone booth’ art space.

 – Casey Kelly