Welcome to the most comprehensive playlist we’ve ever included on this blog. You are listening to the sounds of Buffalo! Local musicians who have been brought together by one group, Buffalo Music Cooperative (Facebook).
Did you hear? Buffalo is on a comeback. That growing realization has sprung multiple organizations, ourselves included, that are either riding that wave or contributing to the momentum. Buffalo Music Cooperative (Youtube) is one such organization that is contributing to the momentum. We were blown away by their first episode and even more impressed when we arrived on the set of Episode 3 at BT&C Art Gallery and saw the top to bottom work this group was doing to highlight local musicians with some of the best musical videography we’ve seen come out of this city. To give a local independent band a professional shoot doesn’t just help that band, it lifts our entire local arts scene.

Before we let BMC speak for themselves, we’re excited to announce that BMC Producer Bridget Schaefer’s skill set, attitude, and vision made such a strong impression on us that we’ve since brought her in as full-fledged member of the Rise Collaborative team! Keep your eyes peeled for her articles, photography, and videography on our website and across our social channels.





BMC started with four friends and a mutual passion for music and creating stuff. We saw a void in the Buffalo music scene and wanted to fill it – not everyone gets out to Nietzsche’s at 11pm every Friday to see live local music. Our goal is to have a new platform for musicians in Buffalo. We produce a web series that features musicians collaborating and performing in significant buildings or venues in Buffalo. When we got started, we solely focused on the music end. We quickly realized how many stories we could tell through music paired with incredible Buffalo spaces and the people that operate them – they have a lot in common.



In front of the camera we’re introducing you to musicians. Behind the scenes, we’re creating a community of creative people. Our name is “cooperative” for a reason – we welcome anyone who wants to lend a hand. Musicians, audio engineers, videographers, photographers, local businesses, social media lovers…anyone who wants to expand their skills, hang out, have a beer and listen to awesome music.

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So far BMC has been a major learning experience. We’ve collaborated with a lot of amazing people and we’re seeing a lot of growth in our team. Each episode is an improvement over the last as we develop our technique and add new features. We were happy to fund Season 1 out of our own pockets – especially when it came to purchasing or renting equipment for each shoot and providing food and beer on the set. With that said, as we begin pre-production for Season 2 and see our viewership grow, there are many unique opportunities for sponsorship. If you’re interested in contributing to a top-notch showcase of what our city has to offer, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you’d like to be a sponsor, or a featured artist reach out to us at buffalomusiccooperative@gmail.com.

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You can watch the evolution of Season 1 on BMC’s Youtube Channel here. What could get you more excited for the weekend than the thought of hitting up a live rock show on Friday or Saturday night?
Up next are the beautiful Instagrams that emerged from this week’s weather, but first, we’ll leave you with a preview for BMC’s next episode, featuring badass local rockers Savannah and the Kings, and Jess Chizuk, appropriately shot at Babeville. Look for the episode in a few weeks!

Photography courtesy of Think In Color Photography (@Thinkincolor)

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