Neighbors helping neighbors is our only way out of this moment. This is Buffalo after all.

Like any other crisis that our city has faced down, it begins with a multitude of small initiatives, contributions and supportive gestures from individuals and small businesses. That’s what our city is all about. We work for each other.

Mike Shriver – a friend of ours since the 1990s! – is the founder and photographer behind Buffalo Photo Blog. Mike’s putting whatever assets he can to use to support our community’s medical workers through the WNY Feeds the Front Line initiative. Working with local restaurants, the newly formed project, handled officially through the Buffalo Renaissance Foundation, is feeding the staff of our local hospitals in their entirety to remind them of how the community is standing behind them, while they fearlessly protect and care for us all.

Mike’s donating 100% of his revenue through the month of April directly to the organization. Buffalo Photo Blog has for years been a labor of love for Shriver, fueling his hobby of capturing outstanding photos of our city from angles high and low, day or night. When this current crisis began, he saw a spike in online sales of his prints on paper, on canvas, and on metal and thought he could turn that income around and put it back into the community.

$5,000 in total profits donated for April is absolutely possible. With local printing options unfortunately exhausted, Mike turned to a group he had worked with before out of Brooklyn called Printique. They also believe in the initiative and have slashed their production costs by 50% in order to maximize donations. Rise is also excited to announce it will match the first 50 orders with an additional $5 each to strengthen your contribution.

Mike’s photos are ALL jaw droppers. If you have the means, and are stuck and home staring at a blank wall, now’s the time to spruce them up with a print, framed in a style of your choosing, that makes you smile every time you look at it. Don’t need a new print, but want to support WNY Feeds the Front line? Check out the link below to do so directly.

Notes directly from Buffalo Photo Blog:

Purchases can be made through our Etsy store, or donations can be made directly to the WNY Feeds The Front Line website. Here is a breakdown of where your dollars go with every purchase:
8″ x 10″ photo print = $30. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $14
11″ x 14″ photo print = $50. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $33
16″ x 20″ photo print = $90. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $68
16″ x 20″ canvas print = $205. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $152
20″ x 30″ canvas print = $350. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $269
16″ x 20″ metal print = $225. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $168

20″ x 30″ metal print = $425. WNY Feeds The Front Line receives = $351


A few important details about your potential order:


– The delta outlined above in purchase price vs. what WNY Feeds The Front Line receives are hard costs in the transaction (purchase of print at discount provided by Printique, shipping costs to your doorstep)
– Photo prints (first 3 options) are print only (no matting or framing, too difficult to ship unfortunately).
– Canvas & metal prints are ready to hang, and come with everything needed to install. Additional details on my Etsy page.
– Shipping: Lead times will be a little bit longer than normal given the current climate. Expect your order in 2-3 weeks after being placed.
– If you want to purchase a print that is not listed on my Etsy shop, just LMK and I can create a new page same day with that image.
In summary, THANK YOU for checking this out. We will be promoting each week how much $$ is raised with special call-outs along the way. At the end of April, we will be delivering the check! Stay safe out there, and thank our medical workers when you see them. Any questions at all, please reach out – I would love to hear from you.
– Mike