Photo: Colin Gordon
Special thanks to Geoff Schutte for rounding up this information

You gonna sit on the sidelines AGAIN?

You can do better. We all can. There is no renaissance, no resurgence, no return to any former glory in this town if we don’t fix our school system. We’ll always be crippled if we think we can skip voting and trust our neighbors to decide their districts by a couple dozen votes.

Our friend Geoff Schutte pulled everything below together without any bias, just inviting us all to learn more and then vote. Damnit.

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As (hopefully) most of you know, Tuesday, May 7th, voters in the City of Buffalo will be electing candidates for all nine (9) Buffalo Board of Education seats. This includes spots that represent all six (6) districts, as well as the three (3) at-large seats, for which everyone votes.
While publicity hasn’t been as pitched for this election as in past years, the stakes are, as always, incredibly high. The Buffalo School Board oversees a nearly one billion dollar ($1,000,000,000) budget, and is responsible for overseeing over 34,000 children.
As in past elections, l’ve tried to organize information for voters, to help provide information on voting, on the candidates, and on the importance of the election in general. A website contains all of this information. 
A few helpful links if you are looking for details:

Voting tomorrow runs like most local elections, and your voting location should be in the same location as you would vote in any other primary.

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KK see you at the polls.