Written and Recorded by Kevin Heffernan

Let’s Talk About [Coffee] Love

It all started with a text from lloyd and Churn co-owner Pete Cimino to Tipico Coffee owner Jesse Crouse, “Hey can we meet up? We have a weird idea…”

You can see in the video below how it all snapped into place from there. Churn wasn’t just going to buy wholesale ice cream and sell it at a mark up. They were going to make their own from scratch and it was going to be damn good, from the best ingredients, most of which were coming from NYS in Ithaca Farms.

When it came to coffee, once again Churn wasn’t just going to put out anything, they wanted to attract a crowd that wanted a coffee for anytime, but also wanted “A little pizazz” in their espresso, their drip, or their affogato! Pete Cimino talks about falling in love with Tipico when he used to live nearby, and knowing Jesse was exactly who to call when it came to setting up a full coffee operation inside of an ice cream shop.

To see a fully caffeinated Jesse Crouse rip about coffee in general is a treat:


Bonus Content: Jesse Crouse’s Coffee Origin Story

While capturing some B-roll, we left the microphone on and heard how Jesse’s coffee obsessions began at the tender age of 10, and took off from there:


Enjoy coffee and ice cream throughout the year at Churn’s Hertel location. We thank them for returning back to No Boundaries 4 magazine and our 5th issue due out in April 2019 as sponsors.