We don’t always sell apparel. But when we do, it’s sweatshop-free, printed local, and comfortable as all hell.

Check out classics like the Skyline Skull and Rise logo mixed with more recent hits like Rise Together only available until 10/2/2019. You rocking our apparel (and attending our parties) helps us produce more content about our community and its diverse neighborhoods without needing to find a sponsor first.

After 10/2, we’ll put in the entire order to arrive at Positive Approach on Niagara Street for printing, then back to us to ship out immediately to you, ideally by 10/15/2019.


That’s Buffalo’s skyline inside that skull’s mouth, back from the dead after being on sale in 2014 and 2016. This October, how better to rep your city than with a skull?


Our classic logo since our formation in July 2014, you can rep it modestly with a pocket patch-sized print on a T-shirt or Crewneck Sweatshirt.


Returning from just last November, RISE TOGETHER is back up for sale for those of you who missed it last time.

Final reminder, 10/2 is when this whole sale ends. Not when prices go up, but when we shut the products down entirely. Get yours today, and thanks for supporting Rise!