Rise Apparel is Back!

Available only until 3/10, we’re selling a shirt commemorating The Continental venue on Franklin Street downtown.


Thanks to Telesco Creative for designing it!

Check out the documentary we put together on the place if you don’t yet know much about it.

All sales will benefit Family Meal Hospitality Trust – assisting our friends in the restaurant industry with anything they need while COVID still acutely affects them all.

A Cook’s Tour Buffalo has transitioned into The Family Meal Hospitality Trust. A nonprofit Charity organization designed to help Hospitality Industry workers in need. The hard work the long hours and dedication it takes to be a part of the service Industry can have lasting effects on both a person’s physical and emotional well-being. We are working to try to help change that. We are hoping to provide community resources to the Hospitality industry that might otherwise seem unattainable. Our goal is to host fundraising events or “Family Meals” at partner Restaurants throughout the year to raise money so we can hopefully someday offer things like health insurance, rehabilitation, money management or assist in paid leave when there is a catastrophic event.