Unite By Night’s 2021 Community Partner Application Window Now Open

Over the past four years, the decades of injustice embedded so deeply into this country were finally put on full display. No longer out of sight, out of mind, it was clear to all, not just those affected, that there were real problems that needed to be fixed.

Rather than be overwhelmed and lose hope, Unite By Night felt compelled to take action. We interviewed co-founders Emily Perryman and Samantha Wentlet in 2018. In early 2017, they had gathered a team of their peers who were willing to lend their skills and expertise to area non profits already engaged in the fight against injustices the rest of us were just coming to find out about.

Unite By Night chooses a Community Partner and makes a 12-month commitment to assist with anything they need from creative, web services, accounting and finance, communications strategy, straight up labor and event organization and so much more.

Their mission is “To support Western New York nonprofits and community stakeholders who combat racism, bias, and discrimination while promoting diversity and inclusion.”

Unite By Night has worked within annual partnerships with National Federation for Just Communities of WNY, Sister Karen Klimczak Center for Non-Violence, and For every Little Handprint. They’ve also partnered on short-term projects with Black Rock Riverside Alliance, WNY Women’s Foundation and WNY Book Arts Center.

2021’s application is now open and due for submission by March 5: