Written by Kevin Heffernan

“Amazing what the mind forgets but the body remembers.”

…from “Amazing” by Buffalo artist Curtis Lovell:

On June 1, 2018, Allentown First Friday held a Pride edition in EXIST. They closed down Allen between Franklin and Virginia for multiple live performances. Singers, dancers, fire eaters, guitar shredders, and actors took the stage to the cheers of the hundreds crowded into the street.

Singer/songwriter Curtis Lovell took the stage just as the sun was going down. Equipped with only a mic and a loop machine (allowing a singer to create percussion and rhythm backups by recording themselves in that moment and setting a loop through their song), Lovell warmed up with some light-hearted ballads like “Cleveland“, which teased the crowd, giving just some brief hints at her vocal range. People began to show interest and moved closer to the stage. Song after song, saw people cheering a bit louder, eager to see the setup for the next song.

But it was when “Amazing” (embedded above) came on that you saw that authentic “Holy shit…” look on friends’ faces as they elbowed each other and whipped out their phones to produce Instagram stories tagging @curtislovellmusic,
imploring their friends to check her out immediately.

Recently, at GCR Audio Studios off Delaware Ave in Allentown, Lovell delighted a small crowd inside the recording area and turned the live performance into an album that dropped last week:

We were lucky to work with Lovell in 2017 as we promoted the release of #NoBoundaries3 which had a women’s empowerment theme, licensing her music to accompany footage from Verve Dance Studio:

Support Your Local Artists

Listening on Spotify is one thing, but showing at their events and even grabbing some merch can do even more good to help our creative scene thrive. This week on Thursday, you can attend Curtis Lovell’s album release party at Babeville. Show starts at 7PM and tickets are only $20. See you there!