Let’s celebrate everything! First off – You have GOT to check out local design studio, The Victory Gardens account on Instagram.

Things you want around when you’re snowed in.

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That’s Brett Mikoll who, along with Dave Horesh, comprises Oxford Pennant, a local producer of pennants that are sold all over the country (and the world!) with themes for cities, vacations, musicians, lifestyles, and whatever needs to be celebrated.

Custom pennant wall for @popularmechanics at Kinfolk 94.

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The Victory Gardens has set up a pop up shop at Oxford Pennant (43 W. Tupper near Franklin).
Think you’ve got time to check out the store? Well you had better act fast! It’s a limited time pop up only. In addition to pennants, there are some really high quality pieces being sold for indoors and outdoors, with apparel, camping supplies, footballs, hockey sticks, and more goods from local makers and nationally respected brands. Here’s the catch, all of it will disappear after January 1. The shop will close and when it reopens, it will feature an all new set of merchandise. So get down to Tupper and Franklin NOW. They’re open 12-8P every day except Sundays. Not only does everything for sale make a great gift, but the store is kind of like the living room you always wished you had.

Yesterday, we embarked on a “tag a friend” contest to give away $50 to the store. Thank you to all the participants who love free shit! We threw every name in a hat, closed our eyes, and pulled out @gorman_stagram. Congrats Kelly! You’ve got to hit up @thevictorygardens with a DM on Instagram to see how you can obtain your gift card to the store. Merry Christmas!

Now, onto the roundup of the best Instagrams in the region.

Damnit! All of you killed it this week!

Stay tuned next week where we’ll each pick our top ‘gram of the year, and do giveaways for each of them. Thanks for tagging #RiseBFLO!

Cold air never stops adventure.

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