He’s in and out of jail, he owes so much child support he got a job at a Buffalo iHop. But you’ve gotta hand it to DMX. He will not quit, and damnit, he loves Christmas music.

I mean come on, do you want your rappers pretending to know what the struggle is like Ja Rule? Or living it every damn day? DMX’s story is all our stories… kind of.

Here’s the original impromptu performance from god knows when, maybe 2009?

All Christmas music sounds the same. Buble’s out there making millions being all “Listen to my best Frank Sinatra impression I’ve built my entire career on, people!” So it’s refreshing to hear something ridiculous and funny at this time of year. And! When you listen on Spotify, Ruff Ryder’s Anthem comes on right after!

Merry Christmas, Mother Fuckers.