Walk, ride, carpool or take transit. Anyone who can log just 10 trips like that in November is qualified to win $200 in Shop 716 gift cards.

GO Buffalo Niagara’s regional Commuter Rewards program is launching this November with a special promotion offering commuters the chance to win one of 10 $200 Shop 716 e-gift cards, redeemable at over 760 locally-owned businesses. Commuter Rewards is one of several new commuter-focused services offered by GO Buffalo Niagara, a program of GObike Buffalo that encourages and incentivizes commuters to choose walking, biking, transit, carpooling, and ridesharing over driving alone to work.

Commuter Rewards is open to anyone who chooses alternative transportation to get to work. To participate, commuters need to download the 511 Mobility app on their smartphone, create an account with 511NY Rideshare, and track ten green commutes during the month of November. On December 1, 2021, 10 qualified entries will be selected at random to receive a $200 Shop 716 e-gift card via email or text. But that’s just the beginning of the rewards; every month after the launch, five $50 gift cards will be awarded randomly to qualifying commuters who track 10 or more trips each month.

“Over the trying times of the last year and a half, many workers have saved money and time while reducing their carbon footprint by working from home. Workers who are now returning to the office don’t need to settle for a return to their old commute. By exploring greener, cheaper, and healthier options other than driving alone, Western New Yorkers are returning to a “Better Normal” rather than a ‘New Normal,” says Brendan Seney, GO Buffalo Niagara’s Program Manager.

County Executive Poloncarz:

“I thank GO Buffalo Niagara for kicking off the Commuter Rewards program at this time of year, when people are thinking of shopping and supporting local small businesses while at the same time lessening their carbon commuting footprint. Little changes can add up to a lot and can make a big difference over time, so it’s always the right time to start learning about ways we can all leave a better environment for the next generation. The addition of a Shop 716 eGift card for lucky participants to help out with holiday shopping is a nice touch too so thanks GO Buffalo Niagara!

Christina Langenfeld, Director of Marketing and Operations at Amherst Chamber of Commerce:

“The Amherst Chamber, and in support of the shop local and support local themes for Erie County via the Shop 716 program, encourages our region to explore the initiatives put forth by GO Buffalo Niagara.  Active mobility can be attained and should be recognized for the health and wellness benefits, as well as, the empowerment of the community” said Baynes. “Municipalities have recently made great strides in assisting in these efforts to provide access to safe biking trails and routes.”

Commuters who are interested in participating but who might not be familiar with alternative transportation options can visit GO Buffalo Niagara’s website to access a free collection of tools and resources to help commuters explore biking, walking, carpooling, riding transit, and more. For those looking to carpool, GO Buffalo Niagara also offers a free online carpool matching service powered by 511NY Rideshare.

To help give commuters peace of mind while they choose greener transportation modes, GO Buffalo Niagara has also recently launched the regional Guaranteed Ride Home Program, which offers green commuters a ride home from work in an emergency situation or if unforeseen circumstances prevent the commuter from using their green transportation mode. More details about eligibility and terms of the program can be found on the GO Buffalo Niagara Guaranteed Ride Program webpage.

Both the Commuter Rewards and Guaranteed Ride Home programs are part of a broader range of services offered by GO Buffalo Niagara. Other offerings include membership for businesses and property owners/managers that comes with a suite of transportation demand management assistance for employees and tenants; transportation demand management plans for development projects; transportation demand management site assessments; a website clearinghouse of regional transportation information and tools; a free carpool matching service; bicycle parking assessments and installation; and more.

Commuters can learn more about how to participate in the Commuter Rewards program can visit https://www.gobuffaloniagara.org/commuter-rewards for more information.

About GO Buffalo Niagara.
GO Buffalo Niagara is a program of GObike Buffalo that promotes an evolving alternative transportation system in the Buffalo Niagara region by emphasizing walking, biking, public transit, ridesharing, and carsharing over drive-alone trips. We aim to increase awareness of, encourage the use of, and improve access to healthier, greener, and more equitable transportation options so that we all have the resources and knowledge necessary to make smart and informed decisions about how we get from place to place – and how we can all work together to reduce the negative impacts associated with unnecessary car travel. 

About GObike Buffalo.
GObike promotes active mobility options, trails and greenways, and complete streets in Western New York. We connect and empower communities through advocacy, education, planning, and engagement. GObike is presented by Independent Health. Visit gobikebuffalo.org for more information.