Photo: Danielle Cerullo

Why do you even give a shit?

Many people are crazy busy. They work two jobs, they raise kids. Others have built workouts into their routine every day just so that they have something to talk about when people say “What are you into?”

Why join in with the bro’s who get all bent outta shape about what time of the year a total stranger wants to get their heart rate up?

Instead of mocking those who had a rough 2018 full of stress and events and no free time who are saying, “Damnit! I’m going to try my best to take care of myself this year,” we should be saluting them. And if life gets in their way come March, so be it. It’s hard enough to take themselves, as out of shape persons, to a gym full of in-shape folks. It’s even harder if they know everyone’s gonna shit on them for it.

Yeah, it’s annoying that you used to work out in a ghost town and now you have to, gasp, wait a minute for a machine. Love the newbies or hate ’em, those new faces are motivating you to workout harder, faster anyways.

This country, and this city of ours (yay wings and beer!) desperately needs to get healthier. So you don’t need to high five everyone you see, but a smile a nod go a long way. So does using equipment responsibly, for the polite time limits, and leading by example by spraying/wiping down your fucking machine, you MRSA lover.

Cheers to 2019. Have some fun.