In this flat-tacular city of ours, no reason you can’t bike all over the place all the time.

Get all those incredible endorphins pumping. We’re sharing with you the good work coming from GObike Buffalo the region’s leading bike advocates and enthusiasts. Their work isn’t just a fan club for bicyclists. It’s about dramatically improving public health, a critical issue in our city and region, reducing traffic and its harmful effects on the public, pushing for complete streets that prioritize pedestrian safety over car speed, and so much more. GObike is your best friend out on the road. Make sure you’re following them on social for updates, tips, and fun biking activities like everything they’re doing this month:

“GObike and friends will be bringing you a weekly digest throughout the month of solo bike rides, discounts, and virtual events.

We’re debuting Together, We Ride, our road safety education campaign to help motorists and bicyclists share the road. Tune in to our social media to see our weekly posts.

We’ll be kicking off Better Streets, Better Buffalo to help interested folks get involved in our complete streets advocacy work. Together, we can create a better city.

On Wednesday, May 13, we’ll host our a virtual public outreach meeting for the Southern Tier Trail, connecting Buffalo to the southern tier via 80-miles of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Rail Road corridor.

While many activities and services are on hold due to the pandemic, at GObike, we’re lucky to be able to continue our work. There is still much to be done.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the joy of bicycles this May by riding your bicycle for essential transportation and recreation, engaging with our advocacy and planning initiatives, becoming a GObike member, or making a donation to support our work.”

Bike There Buffalo – Self Guided Tours

Buffalo Bike Tours will debut five self-guided bike tours, complete with historical facts, interesting stories, and links to learn more about your city. Learn more.

Need a bike?

GObike’s community workshop has trained our neighbors on building them from scratch or refurb’ing older bikes. Get yours now. Get riding.

Make sure yours is good to go if it’s been a while.

Whether you’re pulling the bike out for the first time this season or you’re going for a long bike ride, it’s always a good idea to perform an ABC Quick Check beforehand.

How To: ABC Quick Check from GObike Buffalo on Vimeo.

Stay tuned on GObike’s social for more, and support their tireless work if you’re able.

And remember. If you’re an adult – DON’T RIDE ON THE SIDEWALK.
– Rise Team