Welcome back to Feature Friday!

We’ve got one thing to promote, one thing to recap, and 10 Instagrams to highlight!

First – “EXTRA by No Boundaries” has quietly been gaining steam, and listeners, across the region. Our podcast interviews people who have changed their own lives or the lives of others in the community. From veterans conquering PTSD through sled hockey, to the impact free yoga has had on impoverished communities in Buffalo.

This month: The Primary.

For Michelle Roman, it started with a post-presidential election family conversation about politics,
and before she knew it, her two sons had persuaded her to run for an elected position. This episode
follows Michelle in her bid for alderman on Lockport’s common council, including how classes with
Women Elect have helped with the process. Women Elect support women through political
campaigns to promote an equal representation of women in political office.
Michelle is an educator and life-long resident of Lockport, but she’s the new kid on the block when it
comes to its political scene. We track her campaign through to the Democratic primary for
Lockport’s 5 th ward, where she is challenging the incumbent who is also running on the Democratic
line. Will Michelle get one step closer to elected office? Or will her political inexperience hamper her

You can listen here, or check it out on iTunes and Stitcher where we would please ask you to review and subscribe 🙂


Second, THANK YOU for coming to our party on Saturday!

At 1,000 people strong, it was our greatest event to date thanks to all of you and your insane ridiculous costumes. Until the next dance party! Be sure you’re on our email list (you are if you bought a ticket) to know about it first.  

As promised, here’s the top instagrams of the week! 44,000+ posts have used #RiseBFLO. Some weeks, it means you can win tickets, prizes, gift cards and more from the businesses we feature. Enjoy these:


Don’t be a clown. ________________ Last sp00kie one for a while.

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What do you see? Artist Charles Clough

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Thanks nature for the well timed rain drops!

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From the archive. Body Worlds. The view from here.

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Let’s talk brands and content creation for a second. Over a year ago I came across this incredible company @skandle that created geometric skull candles, all things that I’m all about – skulls, geometry, and candles – BOOM all in one product. I bought a couple the moment I saw them. I then did a photo series around Halloween of last year where I brought their product into the mix because it matched the aesthetic I was looking for. I support them and their incredibly awesome product, so I tagged them in the photo and got messages right away of people telling me how cool the candle is and that they just bought some. I was so stoked that I helped drive some Seek Axiom seekers to their shop. Fast forward a few months, Skandle featured me in a blog post, returning the favor of supporting one another and they sent me some more products that have easily become staples in my home. The moral of the story here is that when content creation is authentic and you truly believe in a product, person, or idea then it engages higher and people connect more. Along with that, building relationships with small businesses and supporting creatives is so important. I still interact with the guys over at Skandle and just did another shoot recently using their products in some of the shots! Stay tuned for the full set!

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Moody Fall vibes ????????

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