“Extra by No Boundaries” is a podcast that aims to shine a spotlight on the typically underreported people, communities and organizations that are working to break boundaries to make their communities stronger. The series is a hybrid of narrative and documentary, with each episode capturing a snapshot of life. Episode One focuses on something close to many a Buffalonian’s heart: Sabres Hockey. No, not the Sabres team you’re probably thinking of, but Sabres Sled Vets -Buffalo’s very own sled hockey team made up of military veterans. The team is part of a program offered by the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center of Western New York to provide rehabilitation for vets in a competitive and fun team-setting (rehab without it feeling like rehab). Players consist of men and women of various ages and abilities, demonstrating the accessible and inclusive nature of the sport.

“Sled Hockey, PTSD and Me,” tells the story of team captain and Vietnam vet ‘Gunner’, and tracks his preparation for the playoffs, culminating in a trip up to Canada for their sled hockey league’s first round playoff game.

Find out how the team fared, and how sled hockey helps Gunner manage symptoms of his PTSD. Available for free download now on iTunes and Stitcher – search for “Extra by No Boundaries.” Episodes will be ongoing, separate from the print series. Don’t miss an episode, subscribe today.

Here’s the cast:

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If you are a veteran in Western New York and would like more information about Buffalo Sabres Sled Vets, contact the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of WNY. Details are on their website, buffalo.va.gov.

Thank you so very much to Episode 1’s sponsor, Crossfit Nickel City.