Damn right.

We think Buffalo is the greatest and if people outside of town think differently, their loss. So we’re not always racing to do back flips when national/international media post big headlines of “Hey have ya heard about THIS PLACE OR WHAT?!”

But when organizations like Fat Bob’s in Allentown have been quietly just being themselves, taking their sweet time smoking their meats, adding some sort of drug to their mac N cheese, and not beating their chests from the rooftops every day for having the fanciest new lighting hanging from their ceiling or most TV’s they could squeeze on a wall, we have to applaud them for a job well done, and recognition well-earned.

Cooking Channel’s Burgers, Brews and ‘Que sent Chef Michael Symon to town to film him at Fat Bob’s, eating a roasted onion stuffed with smoked pork and brisket, “A true northern take on classic southern ‘que.”

Fat Bob’s owner Pat Ryan – “We came up with this as a special a while back. There will actually be another one featured too – A Sweet Potato Bacon Bourbon Pie. The dish came from our own Adam Zimpfer and our dessert was created by Shawn Lyon, who is our resident dessert chef, and he’s one of our servers. It’s been a real team effort here this year, and for many years. We were able to give the show a little taste of what we can do here, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they put together on air tonight.”

Tonight from 5:30-10P, they’ll combine a viewing party of the episode  (Airs 9PM) with their Holiday Customer Appreciation Party:




Congrats, Pat! See ya’ll there.