It’s Friday and it’s gonna be a damn fine weekend, dontcha think? You guys have been busy showing off your photographic skills around town and we’re mighty thankful for it! Please don’t forget to use that #RiseBFLO hashtag for a chance to see your photos in print with our pals at The Public. Check the top ‘grams below to see if you made the weekly best!

So this week we’re teaming up with the fine folks at Buffalo Proper. Not only are they your digital DJs, but we’re also cooking up a special brunch event this Sunday! The Bills are off this week, so join us on November 1st for the Bye Week Brunch Bash. You’ll find an awesome brunch menu, reduced cocktail pricing, and a vibe that can’t be beat! Try to get in before noon for a special treat by making a reservation here. If you’re not a morning person, no worries! There’s a second round of reservations available for 1:30. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Until then feast your eyes and ears on what Buffalo Proper has in store. Take it away, ladies and gents!

Imagine 1920s Western New York—Buffalo Proper. A few years into prohibition, our booming steel town was considered one of the wealthiest and wettest cities in the nation. Buffalonians raised their glasses in defiance of the 18th amendment with strong drinks and great friends.

Buffalo Proper—the restaurant—represents the highest ideal of what our region has to offer the world of food and beverage. We command theory, technique and inspiration to bridge the gap between our creativity and your pleasure. To us, food and drink are not just about calories and alcohol; they’re about transcending every day life into the realm of limitless possibilities. The place where life is just… sweeter.

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If you’re sitting at the bar enjoying a beautifully made cocktail with companion, or you’re in the dining room sharing an inspired meal with elegant service, Buffalo Proper is here to provide a truly unique experience for you!

Our playlist is comprised of tunes that the entire Buffalo Proper team loves. We also think this list describes the course of a night at Buffalo Proper, starting with a great dinner and then leading into a fun filled party with friends. There is sure to be something here for everyone!

Before we get to your ‘grams, one last thing – we want to feature you and your hard work too! If you want 5,000 homegrown, engaged followers to hear about your business, your event, your non profit, or your cause, hit us up!



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