Did this week crawl by or fly by for you? Are you torn between the urge to stay inside when you get home from work thanks to utter darkness arriving at 5:05? Or do you feel like you’ve got no ‘me-time’ because it seems everyone in town has scheduled their events for November weeknights and weekends? We’re here to help. You need to take a time-out. Relax. It’s that time to discover a new local business, enjoy some new music, and find some inspiration in the local photography scene. It’s Feature Friday!

Jesse Crouse of Tipico Coffee, @tipicocoffee on IG, is in the driver seat of this week’s FF. His playlist epitomizes autumn and the pictures of that beautiful fireplace (call it a “kachelofen” to impress your friends) in his new shop definitely have us believing we could spend the entire day inside there drinking damn fine coffee, eating delicious local foods, and soaking in the sights of the West Side. We just might and maybe you should too, this Saturday (11/14) during Tipico’s Grand Opening 10A to 6P, right at the corner of Jersey and Fargo. Here’s Jesse to tell you at little more!


Tipico recenters coffee appreciation: putting the coffee bar in the corner store. The dream is continuity—this is your everyday place that constantly evolves in order to stay the same. Our menu is seasonal and dynamic. Our service meaningfully looks to you and your needs. We worked hard to bring Tipico to Buffalo—to bring our favorite farmers into our menu, and to weave coffee origin into coffee drinking.



I’ve been away from the Midwest and East Coast now for about four years, so settling back into the region means getting to experience Autumn weather again. The music that personifies this time of the year has always been the music that has resonated with me the most. Melancholy and coffee go together very well, so this playlist will hopefully bring you round to a perfect place to settle down and enjoy a cup or two.

Before we dive into the best Instagrams around the entire region, do you have an event coming up? Is your business opening? We try to make our highlights of local businesses, non profits, or artists not the same old vanilla posts. Hop in the DJ Booth, take us on a photographic tour of your business, or let’s throw a Rise event in your shop! Reach out to us! Risecollaborative@gmail.com


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Baking has its benefits. Like waking up to the Moon Venus and Mars all in alignment. Magical.

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